Sugar and You

One of the largest detriments to your success is sugar. Many simple carbohydrates are high in sugar. Sugar causes your insulin level to spike and then crash. In order to be healthy, a person must keep their blood sugar level throughout the day. This is done by consuming complex carbohydrates instead of simple. I found an article called “62 More Reasons Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health” by Nancy Appleton, PHD. Some of the high-lights (or lowlights) follow. Sugar can: cause cardiovascular disease, change the structure of protein, promote an elevation of LDL, cause free radicals in the bloodstream, cause a permanent altering in the way proteins act in the body, damage the pancreas, increase the bodies fluid retention, make the tendons more brittle, cause headaches, cause depression, increase risk of colon cancer, cause hormonal imbalance, lead to the formation of kidney stones, and is an addictive substance.

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