Performing Under Pressure

Great things are not accomplished under normal conditions. For example, the stories of extra ordinary strength during times of stress (like when people lift cars off of other people) do not happen when there is not a time of stress. The same person under normal circumstances can not walk up to a car and lift it. Amazing performances often happen when athletes are under a great amount of stress and pressure. People do not push themselves to perform unless an extraordinary amount of stress is applied. Even the mild-mannered Superman is Clark Kent during “normal” times. When there is someone who needs help he transforms into Superman and saves the day. This is all very applicable to your physical fitness training. You must place your body under a challenging amount of stress to become successful in building the body or strength you want. This is your training for the challenges you may be faced with, whether they are at work, home, or physical. Set your self up for success by facing challenges right here in the gym, setting goals, and not stopping until you achieve them!!

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