Meals and Meal Timing

The number one common trait of people who have lost weight and KEPT it off is that they eat breakfast. The goal of working out is to keep our metabolism at its highest level. Breakfast is your body’s first opportunity to begin metabolizing calories for the day. Don’t miss out on the opportunity!!

5-6 meals per day are also required to keep your metabolism humming along. Our body’s metabolism peaks one hour after we eat. By eating 5-6 smaller meals per day, you are doubling the number of peaks every day! Smaller meals also discourage us from overeating and help to maintain steady blood sugar levels that our body depends on to lose fat.

Later in the day, you should consume fewer carbohydrates, as your body will not need them for energy. However, while you sleep your body will utilize proteins for repairing muscles from your previous workout. So, in the evening, minimize the amount of carbohydrates consumed. If your goal is muscle gain, your body will even benefit from an intake of protein immediately before bed!

Food timing in relation to your workout is as follows. Do not eat before doing cardio first thing in the morning and wait for one hour after your cardio to eat breakfast. After strength training, it is beneficial to consume protein (especially WHEY protein (it is the fastest absorbed)) and some simple sugars (the ONLY time to take in simple sugars) like Gatorade or Mass Recovery (has both simple carbo-hydrates and whey protein in one drink!!) to replenish your glycogen storages you have depleted during your workout.

The BIGGEST thing I see many people missing out on to help them become leaner and more toned is the use of Myoplex. It should be a staple in your nutritional arsenal. There is not one single person whose pictures are published through Body for Life or Muscle Media that did not utilize Myoplex. It supplies vitamins and nutrition that your body needs for your workouts and recovery. It is more nutritionally complete than a bar, although not as convenient. There are 11 flavors to choose from.

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