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Everybody wants results in the gym, right? What steps are you taking? What new patterns of action have you created or changed in your life? What goals have you set to achieve the results you want? What have you given up in order to achieve your goal? What fuels your desire? What motivates you?

One of the biggest challenges I think people face and have the hardest time giving up is poor nutrition. As some members have trusted Traci and I more, we have heard from some about not following the nutrition exactly or changing it to suit their desires. Those desires for certain foods may be part of the process that helped you become out of shape or over weight. What can you do? You have to become uncomfortable (step out of your comfort zone) and not cater to your selfish desires of food. If you want to only exert 50% effort, you will receive only about 20% benefits!

Half effort does not deliver ½ results; the proportion is less than equal! How do you change poor nutrition? Create a food journal to log and monitor your daily intake. Many times people are surprised when they realize how many calories they take in or how many times a day they cheat. Plan your next days meals ahead of time. Do not set yourself up for failure, get set for success by knowing what you will eat and having it on hand. Plan your week so you can purchase items you will need when you are at the store. I have also seen people tweaking the program by doing cardio only or weights only and wondering why they don’t get results. I recommend that people follow the nutrition plan of Body For Life for a 12-week period and after that they can tweak the program slightly and monitor their results. Proper nutrition is: 6 meals per day, an equal portion (size of your fist or palm of your hand) of protein and complex carbohydrates, 2 servings of vegetables per day, and limit carbs after your evening meal. Buy the Body for Life book for more on the principles and motivation!

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